2015 - a special year for page4


Dear customers, users and friends

An eventful and successful year has come to an end. In hindsight, it seems as if time flew by. We completely revised and redesigned our page4 webkit and thus made a giant leap forward; for the first time in history it is now possible to completely customize a webpage without using a single line of code! Our new and unique Design editor now offers the option of designing websites in a completely new way. Ensuring that all new features are properly incorporated, while also making sure that previously created websites will continue to function properly was not an easy task for our relatively small design team. By means of our special converter, it is possible to transfer your current and previous designs into the new format by simple mouseclick, after which all new functions become available. Virtually all parameters of your design are customizable; colors, backgrounds, edges, width, height and much more are easily adjusted by means of sliders and special input elements. If desired, all new templates can be made responsive and by that, make them well prepared for the future.

We have received a lot of feedback, which will enable us to make page4 even better. Thank you very much for that! We look forward to your continuing feedback in 2016, and we will continue to check what we can implement.


Our new website

Another milestone is our new website, which is not only has a new domain, but also has a completely new look. In conjunction with this new website, we intend to discuss interesting topics in our blog, so be sure to check back here regularly.

Along with the new domain, all free websites will also be accessible under the new domain www.page4.com this year. The old address www.cms4people.de will automatically be forwarded to the new domain. It is our objective to offer and present both, national and international webkits on one single domain. The free English Websites are currently still accessible at page4.me. A merge of all free websites worldwide to a single domain will be completed in spring.


All under the name page4

The further step is that we have changed the name of our company to page4 with immediate effect. Only the name changed - everything else remains the same. Since January 1first, the European representation of page 4 is page4 Ltd., Brekling 23, 24881 Nübel, Germany and the international one is page4 Corporation, Ithaca, New York, USA. These necessary changes do not affect our software development, support or sales in any way. We will continue to respond to any questions as soon as possible and we will continue to assist you with generating awesome websites!

In order to an able more people to experience and learn to love page4, we have planned extensive promotional activities in the course of this year, including the use of professional advertising agencies. We are currently implementing the use of additional payment systems, offering more payment options specifically to German customers. We are going to use the company “Payone”, located in Kiel, Germany for this task.


Regular enhancements in 2016

Naturally, we will release a lot of new features in 2016, and invest a lot of work in design templates. Even though you can create millions of your own templates with the design editor, it is always helpful to be able to fall back on some ready-made templates. We also want to provide more navigation templates, reease additional structural templates and upload the first color templates, allowing you change all the colors of your website with one click. We are also working on summarizing the content elements; allowing you to insert any content anywhere. Our blog will have more options, new galleries and much more content as well. To keep it interesting, that is it for now. Be ready to be amazed!

We are having a lot of fun to be able to present new ideas and to see how you have implemented them into your websites. We hope that you are having as much fun as we are!


Your page4 Team

Manfred F. Schreyer


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