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Saturday 27.May 2017



Perfectly embed your logo into your website

Some time ago we were working on custom design templates and the following question opposed up: Ho can we easily allow the embedding of logos into the websites? We decided to add a new area to the design editor which allows you to embed a logo in your site quickly and easily. The only thing you need to watch out for is that the logo will then be part of your design and show up in every page of your website. Design elements: It will be visible on all of your pages. In case you choose a new design (which is rare) then a logo on the old design will be overwritten. We are certain that this will not affect usage and the logo can be re-embedded in a matter of seconds. We will explain how this works. (These new options allow us to continue work on the planned industrial templates and hope to release them soon). Here are a few infos about some changes we have made last week.


A new technique for design templates

In addition to the new Logo-function, we have revised the technique with which your website will be displayed as we have switched to so called “flex boxes” - a very modern and quick layout - technique. We were able to remove a lot of code and thus made your website and page4 even faster. These flex-boxes allow us to implement new structures and functions much easier. 


Preview of embedded videos

Effective immediately, a preview is loaded for any video you upload and embed in your site. This has several advantages: one the one hand, this kind of display is very fast which, in turn, is important if you have many videos posted. On the other hand, you can also view this preview these videos in Admin-mode as well.


The new area for logos

If you click “Edit design” you will find a new option called “Logo” (1). Clicking on this will open a new dialog which will show you all available options for displaying logos.



Please note the following:


1 One  (1) logo can be embedded per website. Ideally, it should be uploaded as a transparent PNG file, specifically if your logo has a geometric shape (e.g. circle, rectangle or square) or if it is merely a text-band. Of course you may also upload JPG images which will then be displayed in rectangular shape. We purposely left out anything which could make this process more complicated and leave the final format selection up to you.


2. A logo may be positioned as follows:

a) On the right or left of a horizontal navigation; the height of the logo then determines the height of the navigation pane; the logo will always be vertically centered to the navigation.

b) A sidebar navigation will position the logo centered above the navigation

c) You may also place the logo into one of the three headers. It can be used like a regular background image, e.g. centered or upper left, etc. The dialog is the same as a background image dialog.


3. A logo will have a minimum width (4) of 50 pixels.

The height will be adjusted according to the width. If you change the position of the logo, e.g. from a header to the sidebar, it may occur that the logo adjusts to the maximum width since a sidebar can only utilize a specific width. If you change the position again, in this case back into the header, then  width may be increased again. Note that any presets will get lost.


4. A logo may also have a distance (5). Using a horizontal navigation, this distance is added to all directions, meaning up, down left and right and thus influences the positioning.

If the navigation does not have enough space after embedding the logo, an automatic line break will be created. 

If the logo is positioned in the sidebar, the distance is also adjusted in all directions; the logo will always be centered in relation to the sidebar. The selected distance might influence the size of the logo in the sidebar, as this has a specified width.

If the logo is positioned in a header, the position of the logo influences the distance. Centering the logo will cause the distance slider to be ignored; the logo stays centered, regardless of which distance you enter.

If the logo is positioned on the left, the slider will change the distance left of the logo and vice versa.

If the logo is on top, the distance to the top is altered and the same applies to the bottom.

If you do not have your own logo you can use one of our decorative images from our archive - if you have one, you can simply upload it and use it immediately.


New control elements


As you can see, page4 offers a brand new control element; a slider combined with an input field. This allows you to regulate the distance by means of a slider and watch the effect in real time, or you can enter specific values manually - both elements change automatically. We plan to implement suck elements wherever it makes sense. 


Naturally, the logos automatically adapt for mobile viewing.


We hope you will have a lot of fun with professionally presenting your logo! Of course the option to freely position content into a header remains open. By the way: We have already prepared the database for adding headlines into the header. The implementation will take a little more time since we (e.g.) also have to expand the design fonts before we can do this.


One last note: Maybe you noticed that the fonts for base text have been moved up a little, and that the preview now contains a scrollbar as well in order to still be able to see everything if larger font sizes are used. If you delete all fonts for the headlines, the base text settings will be used automatically.  If you prefer to use only one or a few fonts, this can now be done much quicker. We always look forward to your comments,  suggestions and, of course, praise! I believe that the work of our developers resembles that of artists; we sketch an idea and then work on it until we have finished a small piece of art which will then make many people happy.


See you soon - with more of our innovative and creative ideas.

Manfred and the entire page4-team.

New page4 blog-module is online

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Tuesday 8.November 2016


Grab a pen and get started!


Nothing can stop you now; effective immediately, you can now post whatever you want your visitors to know. We are certain that many potential readers are awaiting your posts; page4 offers the option of writing ‘in preparation’ and decide when these articles will be published.

You are also able to create a password to protect your blog from unwanted views - a single mouse click will activate this option.

Are you excited? Let us quickly show you where to find the blog.




The blog - the online diary in page4


Clicking the menu item “Blog” (1) will open the blog-administration window. We have removed the previous sub-menus as these were no longer needed; all options are now accessible in the management section.

More info on how to activate the blog can be found in our Online-Help section a.s.a.p. This is also where you decide on the parameters of the blog; further explanations can also be found in our Online-Help a.s.a.p.

A few important points:
We differentiate between “Draft”, “Published” and “Planned”. All drafts will remain invisible to your visitors. A published article remains a planned article as long as the set date has not been reached. Planned articles will be visible only when the set date has been reached; until that time, they will be stored and marked as ‘Planned”. Only articles that have been published are visible. Dated articles will be published automatically on the desired date.


Tags. In our old blog, the tags were entered into the field and separated by commas. With the new system, merely enter the tags into the field and Press “return”. This will add that tag into the list. Please do not separate multiple tags by commas.



Images in the blog:
An additional note  - the old blog still used the old ’Tiny” and an older image selection (1) where you could upload images. We have changed this for good reason. If you now click an image in ’Tiny’ the respective dialog opens and button (2) appears with which you can directly upload images for your computer. If this button is not visible, please empty the browser’s cache.

Enough words - have fun blogging!
As mentioned extensive information and instructions can be found in our Online-Help and may we recommend to re-read the Article “Proper blogging to attract more visitors”.

Have fun!

Manfred F. Schreyer
and the entire page4 team


Our new blog module

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Monday 24.October 2016


Blogging like a champion


Our latest Blog-module makes the task even easier and more fun; this is only the beginning as we intend to expand and improve the blog dramatically - specifically in the Frontend. Also, the new templates for displaying articles and for the navigation are now available as well.

The new module will be online in the first week of November 2016 - maybe even on the 1st of November!



The administration window


Unfortunately the blog is limited to a width of 740 pixels. Let us assume, the image has a width of 1,950 pixels. Similar as with the Page-management, you may use the entire width of the monitor. Click the image to view it in its original size. You have a lot of space and can see everything at once; we will offer more Online help ASAP.

Listed below is a summary of many functions. As you can see, there are many markers on the screenshot.

The area on the left always offers access to all articles and all comments for which we offer a number of options. On the right, you have different options, depending ons your selection.

1) Clicking it will display all types of entries; drafts, planing, as well as published articles. If you have more than 200 articles, only the first 200 latest articles will be displayed. You can adjust the time frame on the upper right (B). For example, you may select to view all articles from May 2015 or from June 2016. etc.
2) You will see all published articles that are visible to you visitors.
3) All new drafts are collected here - each new article starts out as a draft; the date does not matter.
4) Planned articles - all articles that have been published for a future date, which will be published automatically when on respective dates.
5) You can mark articles as ‘Recommended”; all such articles are stored here.
6) All deleted articles are moved to the trash with the option of undeleting them whenever needed until you empty the trash.
7) All tags are listed here.
8) All comments are stored in these 2 trays. The ‘Comments” area shows all arrived comments and the “Waiting for approval” area contains all articles that you must approve manually.
9) The “Options” area contains the blog settings. Simply click an entry and a window will open that shows your access to the entire blog. You can activate a blog, decide which navigations will be shown, which templates is to be used, etc.

A) This is an info bar above the articles which updates automatically.
B) You may view selected articles by time frame.
C) Allows searching for key words - only articles which contain that key word will be displayed. This tool is inter-active; as soon as you enter a letter, all tags which contain that letter are shown. You may then narrow the search by further entering letters, or you may select desired tags from the list.
D) This tool is used to search blog titles only - no search is done within the blog text.
E) You can reset all options with a single mouse-click.
F) The preview will display the first image in the article; if no image is found, a standard image is displayed.
G) The first words of an article are shown here. Line breaks are removed to ensure a quick overview over the current article.
H) Every article may be set to ‘Draft” manually. Any previously published articles will then become invisible to your web visitors.
I) Copy the entire article
J) A double-click on the article will launch the text editor. Alternatively, you may also click the link to one the editor.
K) Any deleted articles are moved to the trash and will remain in there until the trash is emptied.
L) This link will open a new and empty article.

Every article has a preview left of the selection box. You may select multiple articles at one time, edit them, delete them, copy them etc. At the very top a check box “Select all” is shown which allows a quick selection of all articles. An additional click removes the last selection.

Article editor



The new Blog-module now contains Tiny MCE, with which you are already familiar. The window will always jump to the maximum browser window size. The width of the editor is limited to 1000 pixels. You may enter a title at the top (1) - without a title, the article cannot be saved. The right shows all options for the blog article.
3) A time stamp is added to each article. You may overwrite that date. If the article has been marked as “Public” it will be automatically stored in the “Planned” folder and published automatically.
4) “Draft” is the default classification of all articles. We do this so no unfinished articles can accidentally be published. Click “Publish” once the article is ready and seal be made visible.
5) You can ‘Recommend” articles and have them displayed in the navigation.
6) All article tags are shown here. Moving the mouse over an article allows you to remove it by an “X”. the tag will be removed from the article but not deleted. More info on tags can be found in our Help area.
7) Here you may access all available tags, or can create new ones.

Clicking on ‘Cancel” will result in any changes being deleted without further warning. Please use with care.


Below is the options dialog. We will refrain from individual explanations, since all will be available in our Online-Help shortly. Most options are self-explanatory anyway.



Closing remarks

I really hope you like the new Blog-modul as much as we do. We spent several weeks investing a lot of time and work to accomplish this, while making sure that any previously generated data will work just as well with the updated system. Luckily we have customers that heavily use blogs; have a look at this german page: . About 7000 articles have been published there since 2011; it really pays off to be active. Around 400,000 visitors have been on this page; when reading the comments one will find that this page is well known in the industry. Even cosmonauts and astronauts know this page!

Google likes it when you publish new info one a regular basis; use our Blog-module for this! we have many advantages: other than our competitors, we have a REAL blog. This implies an automatic and time-dependent blog-navigation in which all articles are classified. You may display several previews such as “Most viewed articles” and below each article you may add a ‘social share’ tool bar as well.

As mentioned, we will continue to expand our blog with function that you will love. We use the blog ourselves and thus have a personal interest to keep own improving this tool.

We will inform you as soon as the new blog-module is available.

One last thing: Once the new blog-module is active, all you need to do to access the blog is click “blog” - all additional menu entries will be removed.

Until next time,
Manfred F.  Schreyer


Snappy images

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Wednesday 3.August 2016


Images for your website


Visitors love images. Thanks to fast internet connections, placing many images on a site is not a problem. Images help to individualize and create your site; they catch the eyes and liven up otherwise boring text.


Page4 offers a great system to optimize your images; on the one hand we have the image management: all images you use are stored in this system; once an image has been uploaded you can use it multiple times. Our image galleries and content elements help you to present these images perfectly – soon we will be offering additional options for our galleries. On the other hand, we offer a complete image database' any images stored here are either our own images, or images we have collected and made available – all of these images may be used freely.


Apart from our own images we also use images from other websites such as pixabay, unsplash and stocksnap. Even if all of these images may also be used freely for all private and commercial projects, we reccomend to double check these permissions when using those images. Since it is very time intensive to check millins of images, we have made about 600 new images available . The main advantage is that these images have already been prepaed for the optimimum format.


Instead of 350, you can now use 949 background images in a 2560 x 1440 px format. Additionally, we added 1062 images instead of 566 images in a 533 x 300 px format, 995 instead of 428 images in 400 x 400 px amd 852 instead of 355 images in a 300 x 522 px format. New images that are optimized for heards will follow shortly, making the design of your site even easier. Be sure to double check the format when using these images


In any event we reccomend to always place an alternate text to each image; this will be evaluated by Google and assists your visitors to obtain information about the used images. If you do this for each image, the visibility of your site in search engines will be greatly imrpoved!


Warm regards

Manfred F. Schreyer

42 design-templates

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Friday 22.July 2016


42 design templates for page4


Since some of these templates are “merely’ converted older templates, I have refrained from calling them ‘new’; but they still remain new designs.




The new templates are partially uploaded to the existing galleries, and partially we have generated new areas in which we explain many important things; not only do we intend to bring out your best ideas, but we also intend to give you everything you will need to generate more templates yourselves. The two structure 023 templates can now be found under “Classic templates” . Another 40 templates have been uploaded to their own, individual areas.

Below the “Design” templates we now have a new header “New design templates July 2016”. There are 2 main reasons for this; first of all, you can now easily check and see if we have any new templates online and on the other side, we will always inform you if we have new items in page4.  The new templates will demonstrate how effective it is to use the 3-part header system. We have elaborated on this in our Online-Help (not in english at this time, we work hard to make it happen). We have a total of 12 new design templates.


The classic templates stored under “Older templates filled with new life” contain an area call “Get modern from old - July 2016” with respective explanations. 14  of these have an old number plus a “2016”  - the explanation for this is that these are simply older templates which we have converted and saved. The first template is called 001-45. The layout structure 001 and the design number 45. Next to that you will find a new template called 001-2016 which is the updated, converted and slightly older design which has been saved as a new template. We used different images and colors, worked with transparent areas, switched out the navigation, matched all colors etc etc. You will always have 4 templates in front row. The 1st and the 3rd are the converted older design templates and the suggestions

There are 2 main reason for doing this. On the one hand, we want to offer additional design templates and on the other hand we want to demonstrate just how easy it is to make an older, out-dated website appear modern and sleek.  If you have suddenly become interested in switching out your templates but are not 100% sure what to do yet,  we suggest to read the article called “Our old templates” which is located in our original help section (not in english at this time, we work hard to make it happen). It’s easy; give it a shot!


Our special offer to you

If you are too unsure, we can offer to assist you for a small bonus. A one-time payment of $98 (plus Tax) we will convert your old templates into new ones for you, including all areas (fonts, transparencies, navigation, etc) allowing your website to shine in new colors. If you are interested in such an offer, please send me a personal email which elaborates on everything you want us to do for you and we will examine the website for these options right away. If you are happy with the new templates, we will send an invoice to you a few days later. Naturally, the price includes small improvements or tweaks for the website.

Since we only have limited resources we ask for your patience in case this takes some time. In that case we would have to look for a template which is convertible  and specifically adept it to your site. In this case, we will contact you and discuss the options with you.

OK - enough talk. We wish you lots of fun looking through , using and testing our new items. Just remember: A purchased version allows you to save the current design template , allowing you to switch between templates quickly and easily. Once you are happy with the way you site looks, just remember to SAVE the new design - else everything is lost forever.


Have fun,
Manfred F. Schreyer
page4 Corp.

Go full circle

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Sunday 10.July 2016


Go full circle


If you choose to present your images in a different way, our new features will amaze you.




So far, one had to use an imaging program in order to edit images and pictures that are to be presented in a circular fashion. We have made that easy: The image content element now includes the 'round edges' feature, which can be found under „Additional desing“ -> "Image border" and "Radius":



1) Select a rounding between 0 and 500 px.

2) The preview display the effect immediately.


If you desire perfectly round images, the rounding has to be at least half the size of the height or width of the image. You may also adjust the rounding to 500 px ; that way all images smaller than 1000x1000px will be formed into a circle; the size of the image does not matter. Naturally you may also use this feature to generate only slightly rounded edges; 5 to 10 px will form an elegant rounded edge. Try it!


Manfred F. Schreyer
page4 Corp.

815 monochrome graphics for free

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Wednesday 22.June 2016


815 monochrome graphics


Are you also nostalgic? Do you like monochrome graphics, ornaments, icons or the like? If so - we may have something for you. As of right now, we offer over 800 different designs for download which may be used to modify and liven up your websites. All graphics are available as PNG files and have a transparent background. You can view the designs under the content element “Image” or you can use them by means of the design editor. Within the nest few weeks, we will also offer new designs that allow to use some graphics as ‘logos’, opening new possibilities and options for your website.

At this time, all graphics are black in color. I cannot elaborate, but we are also working on new options that will allow us to change the colors of the graphics; this will take some time as it is rather complicated to program it, but if it is possible we will implement it in a few m months time.


A first impression

Here is a small selection of the available graphics in the original size. You can resize these as needed for your website.


A small hint:

We have saved the graphics at a maximum size of 300 x 300 pixels. I initially uploaded all the images with the same specifications because our preview is square and makes it look really good.  However, when I was testing it I realized that this does not look too good as many graphics have a lot of outset around the actual picture, leaving a lot of empty space. This list to the fact that some graphics are 300 x 300 pixels, some are 172 x 208 pixels or 50 x 230 pixels. All previews are scaled to 200 x 200 pixels, which means that some previews will look a little bit distorted. In my opinion, this disadvantage is outweighed by the fact that you may now position these graphics as close together as desired.


Please use wisely

There are two main aspects when using such graphics; it Is important that the user has a large selection so that he can find something that fits to his website theme. We believe I'll bring over 800 designs is a decent start. It is also important, to use such elements scarcely and not to flood your website with these. The saying “less is more” holds true. Keeping the size down, is also important - as mentioned, you can always resize the graphics if they seem to large. We do not recommend enlarging the images, due to the inferior quality which would result from this action.


This is how you get to the graphics


Anywhere you see this icon encircled in green...


it means that you can access the picture archive. Simply click the layout button (1) and select category “decoration” (2)



Here you will find all of the 850 graphics (3) that may be used to sectionally or as designs.
Enjoy browsing!


Manfred F. Schreyer

page4 Corp.


Proper blogging to attract more visitors

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Thursday 16.June 2016


Proper blogging to attract more visitors

You have a very good page for website, but for some reason you're not getting enough traffic? We suggest to start a blog, and update that blog in regular intervals; the integrated blog function of page4 makes this very simple.

It is imperative to keep your visitors interested by regularly posting interesting articles for your visitors, in order to make them come back. The good thing about blog articles is that the Google search engines from (called Google bots) are permanently scanning the web for new content. Since these bots are looking for new products, publishing new articles, and new information on your site will get the attention of these bots. This also improves your ranking at Google and will eventually influence your search position; i.e. where your site turns up in Google searches. The higher you are listed, the more traffic you will get.


What should I write about?

Obviously about topics that interest your visitors! By means of your website, you generally discussed a topic in which you are an expert. “Expert” always sounds if one has obtained a degree or has done a lot of training. Though this is helpful, that alone does not make you an expert. It is not important to know everything. Your visitors are frequenting your site because they expect to see something interesting. Fulfill those expectations, and right about something that they are interested in. If you have a company website, it might make sense to talk about the current trends in your industry, or to discuss the special features of your own products. News, user guides for your products, general information are all topics which are sure to interest your customers.

If talking about a hobby, you could discuss tips and tricks and elaborate on what you personally are doing. If you're doing the website about pets or something similar, there is lots of information available which will interest your customers. Images are always a great start, combined with a few sentences they usually build the structure / the basis for good blog.

For photographers, it makes sense to regularly upload new images; nothing captures an audience more than photo and video. However, it is important to keep the focus and not discuss any topic blindly and randomly. The more you stick with your initial topic, the more respect and loyalty you will gain from your visitors. This really works, as all of us keep on frequenting websites that deliver News and info to us. The more frequently you update your blog, the more regular visitors you will gain; and these visitors will see you as an expert.


Different than the others

An active blog will help differentiate you site from static websites on which nothing much happens. Visitors love news and variety. Keep your website I life by means of a well moderated blog; it's fun and will help bring your website to the top. From our experience we can say that every article helps to better express yourself, and to better derive which topics your visitors are most interested in.


Plan and write ahead of time

Page 4 allows you to prepare articles for your blog. This particular article was written on June 1, 2016, and we merely changed the dates. After completion and double checking everything, we saved this article and continued with other work. Our page4 system continuously checks for release dates, and will automatically publish the article on the set date. This article will be published automatically on June 16, 2016.  You can see the date on the top right above the article just below the name. We will publish some more tips and tricks and one of our next articles. The obvious advantage in preparing articles is that you always have some articles as backup, which you can publish at any time. Has said, it is important to regularly post news. For example: if you wish to publish a new article every 14 days, you could prepare for the entire year by preparing 26 articles. This is a lot of work, of course, and can only be done when writing about timeless topics. The best way to go about this, is to write twice as many articles as you intend to publish - this will allow you to take a break, while still having current news updated on your site.


Storing a prepared article

If you prefer to manage your items manually, please set the release date of the article to at least two years into the future. That way you can be sure that the written article will not automatically be published, in case you are unable to attend to your website for a longer period of time. When it is time to publish that article, simply change the release date and leave the rest of the page4.


Autonomous blog-navigation

All articles are automatically sorted by date, which can be seen once you have written and saved a blog article. On the right-hand side you will find your articles and on the left hand side the timestamp for these. If you take our advice and prepare articles ahead of time and want them published in 2 years. the corresponding year (eg 2017) as well as the month will be inserted. On the online site, only those articles which were made for this day can be seen. Though the articles are listed chronologically, no future articles are displayed. The good thing about the page4 blog is that  you can leave everything up to the system. Like in a published blog, all articles are arranged according to their release dates so your visitors can easily see what is new. This is how easy blogging can be…. Try it!


Implementing Share buttons + RSS feeds



If you update your blog regularly and the content is liked by your visitors, it is likely that they will subscribe to your blog. All you need to do is activate the RSS feed; this will display a link below the blog that reads “Subscribe”. If a visitor clicks this field, he will have a direct connection to your blog and will be informed about any updates automatically.



You can also add a ‘share’ button. By this, blog articles can be shared on social media; our blog has this option as well. If you use Facebook, Twitter or whatever you may share our articles - we have no problem with that. The more is shared, the larger the audience will be and possibly generate traffic that has never been on your site before if they see something they find interesting.


Important; Just start !

If you want more visitors in more traffic on your website, but don't necessarily want to spend money on advertising, you should definitely begin with blog articles. They don't have to be very lengthy. Sometimes a simple picture with a few words is more than enough; just as you probably do in Facebook, if you are a member there. Why not write an article for your blog on your website, and then share it on Facebook, and solve 2 problems in one go. The most important thing however, is to just start writing!  Allow your visitors to leave comments and feedback, and you will see just how much fun it can be to keep a website updated.

Have fun,
Manfred F. Schreyer

New stars in the sky

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Thursday 9.June 2016


New stars in the sky



27 new design templates


Great news for everyone that likes to use ready-made templates and then customize these. We have just released 27 new templates which are now available online for all versions. Our new templates are named after planetary systems and stars. This basically means that with this release there are new stars in the design-skies.

Taking into account the existing 7 templates which we offered right from the start, we now have a total of 34 modern design-templates available. The 33 additional classic templates are also still useable, giving you a total of 67 prepared and selectable design templates.

Though several hundred old templates are also still useable, we strongly recommend to use the new templates as only these offer the full functionality of features within page4. We will soon release a blog in which we explain how to switch to the new templates easily.
The old templates will of course remain online and useable as many users still prefer these and are reluctant to make the switch. Perhaps these new templates can persuade more users to switch to these templates.


A brief comparison to other webkits


Reviewers of webkits like to see how many templates are being offered. To date, most reviewers have ignored page4 even though it is used by many customers. I believe it is justified to compare page4 to the competition ourselves and see if we can keep up.

One has to keep min mind that each system is different and most competitors only offer an individual design, if you are able to change the program code. Jim offers an interface that lets you integrate your own, self-programmed design templates under certain conditions and rules. Weebly allows the user to upload the complete source code including images.  Other systems allow the user to change the code manually. We have purposely not integrated these functions. Instead, we have completely revised our design editor and are now able to offer the only system worldwide that  allows to edit all these parameters  by means of integrated dialogs and option fields. This basically allows the user to design websites without any programming knowledge. The templates we provide are merely startup aids and were designed with the help of the included functions to which every user has access.

Compared to other webkits, page4 really offers millions of individual design templates, while Jimdo. Weekly, 1&1 and others can only edit a small number of parameters such (eg colors, etc). Page4 does it differently.


Structure - the framework of your design


There are currently 4 structured (HTML) frameworks which dictate which elements may be implemented into the website (Header, sidebar, footer, content and navigation). These are basically custom templates, which the user may modify at will. All available design-templates utilize these four structures. Naturally, we also offer tools to save ready made templates but apart from that we use exactly the same tools that are available to our users. We will keep on expanding these structures and probably develop templates that are still impossible as of today; we will release these new structures as soon as we have completed them.

Once a template is loaded, you can use the editor to completely customize it. The templates are really just a basic idea upon which you can build and design whatever you want. As always you have the option of customizing every template with the design editor and thus create you own personal and unique designs.

Along with the 34 new templates, we currently offer a total of 67 templates online from which you may choose to create your own personal website. Considering that any of our templates can be customized in many different ways, it is fair to say that we have way more than our competition. It may seem hard to believe, yet it is true. Indeed, some competitors have templates that we still could not “replicate”, but we are continuing to expand our system.

Lets us examine the parameters a bit closer and then calculate the total number of variations that can be generated from this.



Change the overall width of the design


You can set the overall width between 700-1500 px in increments of 10 px . Let us calculate 5 different widths for each template, i.e. 700 px, 850 px, 940 px, 1050 px and 1200 px. This already gives you 335 design variations; you might be wondering if such a comparison is at all possible. A competitor from Hamburg, Jimdo, claims to offer hundreds of templates while really only offering 38 templates. How can they do this? Because there are have a number of variations of each  template; eg different width, height or simply different colors - settings, that the user cannot adjust himself. Only a few of our competitors offer the option of adjusting the width manually, therefore many companies offer a large number of templates which really are not that different at all.


To be fair, we only acknowledge variations that are clearly different. One could now say that by altering the width of this template, we can generate up to 80 variations of this and say these are 80 different templates (Because the 800 px " leeway " 700-1500 px can be adapted in 10 px steps in which 81 different widths are possible). By this method, you would not have 67 templates but a total 5,360 variations! Nevertheless, we do want to mention that all you have to do in page4 is move a slider. Naturally, we offer to additionally adjust the width of the sidebars and also keep the spaces between the elements adjustable by the user’ this, of course, would bring even more variations if calculated that way.

Let us remember: Our 67 templates with 5 different overall widths already give us a total of 335 different design templates.


Adjusting header height


Naturally, page4 allows you to change the height of the headers. Let us consider merely one header as that is all most of the competitors offer. You can set the height between 50px and 500px in increments of 5px. If we now take just 4 variations 100px, 200px 300px and 400px we can already generate 1340 different design templates which are sure to look very different from one another. Once again, let to be known that other systems simply offer fixed variations with different header heights which cannot be adjusted further.


Page4 reaches 1340 design templates simply by  adjusting overall width and header height; no other system offers that many options.


Naturally, you can do many more adjustments. We would like to present one more option that non of our competitors have: while all other systems more or less allow to change the colors of the fonts and/or the navigation,  this navigation is always fixed and does not allow changes. Page4 does not limit you to these factors.


Adjusting the navigation


You can replace the navigation of any template and you may re-locate the navigation. At this time, we have 8 vertical and 11 horizontal templates. More are coming soon.

Let us assume that we want to change each one of the 1340 variations by generating 3 variations by means of the navigation-template. By doing this, the appearance of the design can change dramatically. Alone the switch from horizontal to vertical navigation generates a completely new design; but also exchanging a horizontal navigation by a different template will strongly affect the appearance. This gives us a total of 4020 design variations which all look different.

Additionally, we can generate an additional 2 versions of each design by simply relocating the navigation. For example, you can place the navigation square at the very top, above the header, in the header or below the header. Each time, a new design with a new look is generated. This means that with only 2 variations we can now generate 8040 design templates in seconds.

Let us stop here - we did not even consider the fact that any template may also be adjusted in terms of header, footer, sidebar hide or show, mirror overall design, set the length of the sidebars, set its exact parameters, round corners, shadows, etc etc. If we would take all of these variations into our calculation, the final number of templates would be very high.

Let us compare that to the competition. Wix currently offers 290 templates; Weebly offers 60, Jimdo offers 38 templates and 134 variations of this, giving a total of 172 templates. 1&1 has a total of 513 templates. All of these competitor hence offer a total of 1035 design templates for its users. If we now look back at the options we have in page4, we easily reach a total of 8040 templates - and this is a very conservative number.

You can also reproduce many templates offered by our competitors with page4. At this time, we cannot do everything since an individual programming of templates can be hard to reproduce using just building blocks. We will continue to produce additional structures that will allow us to implement even the most unusual ideas. The good thing is that design templates that were reconstructed with page4 may look exactly like the original ones, but they have all options of the regular page4 tools for customization and personalization.

It is already clear that page4 users will find that no other system offers this many design possibilities!

Anyone that has followed us one the last 2 years will know that we regularly release new updates and implement new features. We work closely with our users and are happy to hear about even the most outlandish idea that may help us to make page4 even better. We are already implementing many of our user’s ideas and cannot wait to present them online when we are ready.

We welcome all comments, praise, criticism and your general suggestions. Anything that makes sense and is technically possible will be implemented!

Until then, enjoy page4!

- your page4 developer team -

PS - It would be great if you would share this article with your friends so that everyone hears about how easy it is to generate great websites with page4. Thank you so much!

PPS - An overview of all design templates can be found at

We have a new Facebook address

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Tuesday 7.June 2016


New Facebook URL

Important info for all page4 users that follow us on Facebook

In the course of standardization we have decided to change the address of our Facebook page.


The new address is:


We are not reachable under the old address

We have also asked to change the official name to Page4. Furthermore, we will soon begin to create all Facebook posts by means of Voice recognition. All German users will then only see the German pages, while international users will land on our international pages.

Since we have now reached the same standard on both the German and the International versions, we will now start looking for more international customers. With the new system, the updated design templates, and all the other improvements, we can definitely keep up with our competition and will show that page4 is one of the best systems available and we will keep on improving it.


We have a lot of things planned in the near future and I cannot wait to show some of these functions to you.


Manfred F. Schreyer

page4 Corp.

2015 - a special year for page4

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Friday 5.February 2016


Dear customers, users and friends

An eventful and successful year has come to an end. In hindsight, it seems as if time flew by. We completely revised and redesigned our page4 webkit and thus made a giant leap forward; for the first time in history it is now possible to completely customize a webpage without using a single line of code! Our new and unique Design editor now offers the option of designing websites in a completely new way. Ensuring that all new features are properly incorporated, while also making sure that previously created websites will continue to function properly was not an easy task for our relatively small design team. By means of our special converter, it is possible to transfer your current and previous designs into the new format by simple mouseclick, after which all new functions become available. Virtually all parameters of your design are customizable; colors, backgrounds, edges, width, height and much more are easily adjusted by means of sliders and special input elements. If desired, all new templates can be made responsive and by that, make them well prepared for the future.

We have received a lot of feedback, which will enable us to make page4 even better. Thank you very much for that! We look forward to your continuing feedback in 2016, and we will continue to check what we can implement.


Our new website

Another milestone is our new website, which is not only has a new domain, but also has a completely new look. In conjunction with this new website, we intend to discuss interesting topics in our blog, so be sure to check back here regularly.

Along with the new domain, all free websites will also be accessible under the new domain this year. The old address will automatically be forwarded to the new domain. It is our objective to offer and present both, national and international webkits on one single domain. The free English Websites are currently still accessible at A merge of all free websites worldwide to a single domain will be completed in spring.


All under the name page4

The further step is that we have changed the name of our company to page4 with immediate effect. Only the name changed - everything else remains the same. Since January 1first, the European representation of page 4 is page4 Ltd., Brekling 23, 24881 Nübel, Germany and the international one is page4 Corporation, Ithaca, New York, USA. These necessary changes do not affect our software development, support or sales in any way. We will continue to respond to any questions as soon as possible and we will continue to assist you with generating awesome websites!

In order to an able more people to experience and learn to love page4, we have planned extensive promotional activities in the course of this year, including the use of professional advertising agencies. We are currently implementing the use of additional payment systems, offering more payment options specifically to German customers. We are going to use the company “Payone”, located in Kiel, Germany for this task.


Regular enhancements in 2016

Naturally, we will release a lot of new features in 2016, and invest a lot of work in design templates. Even though you can create millions of your own templates with the design editor, it is always helpful to be able to fall back on some ready-made templates. We also want to provide more navigation templates, reease additional structural templates and upload the first color templates, allowing you change all the colors of your website with one click. We are also working on summarizing the content elements; allowing you to insert any content anywhere. Our blog will have more options, new galleries and much more content as well. To keep it interesting, that is it for now. Be ready to be amazed!

We are having a lot of fun to be able to present new ideas and to see how you have implemented them into your websites. We hope that you are having as much fun as we are!


Your page4 Team

Manfred F. Schreyer