815 monochrome graphics for free


815 monochrome graphics


Are you also nostalgic? Do you like monochrome graphics, ornaments, icons or the like? If so - we may have something for you. As of right now, we offer over 800 different designs for download which may be used to modify and liven up your websites. All graphics are available as PNG files and have a transparent background. You can view the designs under the content element “Image” or you can use them by means of the design editor. Within the nest few weeks, we will also offer new designs that allow to use some graphics as ‘logos’, opening new possibilities and options for your website.

At this time, all graphics are black in color. I cannot elaborate, but we are also working on new options that will allow us to change the colors of the graphics; this will take some time as it is rather complicated to program it, but if it is possible we will implement it in a few m months time.


A first impression

Here is a small selection of the available graphics in the original size. You can resize these as needed for your website.


A small hint:

We have saved the graphics at a maximum size of 300 x 300 pixels. I initially uploaded all the images with the same specifications because our preview is square and makes it look really good.  However, when I was testing it I realized that this does not look too good as many graphics have a lot of outset around the actual picture, leaving a lot of empty space. This list to the fact that some graphics are 300 x 300 pixels, some are 172 x 208 pixels or 50 x 230 pixels. All previews are scaled to 200 x 200 pixels, which means that some previews will look a little bit distorted. In my opinion, this disadvantage is outweighed by the fact that you may now position these graphics as close together as desired.


Please use wisely

There are two main aspects when using such graphics; it Is important that the user has a large selection so that he can find something that fits to his website theme. We believe I'll bring over 800 designs is a decent start. It is also important, to use such elements scarcely and not to flood your website with these. The saying “less is more” holds true. Keeping the size down, is also important - as mentioned, you can always resize the graphics if they seem to large. We do not recommend enlarging the images, due to the inferior quality which would result from this action.


This is how you get to the graphics


Anywhere you see this icon encircled in green...


it means that you can access the picture archive. Simply click the layout button (1) and select category “decoration” (2)



Here you will find all of the 850 graphics (3) that may be used to sectionally or as designs.
Enjoy browsing!


Manfred F. Schreyer

page4 Corp.


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