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42 design-templates


42 design templates for page4


Since some of these templates are “merely’ converted older templates, I have refrained from calling them ‘new’; but they still remain new designs.




The new templates are partially uploaded to the existing galleries, and partially we have generated new areas in which we explain many important things; not only do we intend to bring out your best ideas, but we also intend to give you everything you will need to generate more templates yourselves. The two structure 023 templates can now be found under “Classic templates” . Another 40 templates have been uploaded to their own, individual areas.

Below the “Design” templates we now have a new header “New design templates July 2016”. There are 2 main reasons for this; first of all, you can now easily check and see if we have any new templates online and on the other side, we will always inform you if we have new items in page4.  The new templates will demonstrate how effective it is to use the 3-part header system. We have elaborated on this in our Online-Help (not in english at this time, we work hard to make it happen). We have a total of 12 new design templates.


The classic templates stored under “Older templates filled with new life” contain an area call “Get modern from old - July 2016” with respective explanations. 14  of these have an old number plus a “2016”  - the explanation for this is that these are simply older templates which we have converted and saved. The first template is called 001-45. The layout structure 001 and the design number 45. Next to that you will find a new template called 001-2016 which is the updated, converted and slightly older design which has been saved as a new template. We used different images and colors, worked with transparent areas, switched out the navigation, matched all colors etc etc. You will always have 4 templates in front row. The 1st and the 3rd are the converted older design templates and the suggestions

There are 2 main reason for doing this. On the one hand, we want to offer additional design templates and on the other hand we want to demonstrate just how easy it is to make an older, out-dated website appear modern and sleek.  If you have suddenly become interested in switching out your templates but are not 100% sure what to do yet,  we suggest to read the article called “Our old templates” which is located in our original help section (not in english at this time, we work hard to make it happen). It’s easy; give it a shot!


Our special offer to you

If you are too unsure, we can offer to assist you for a small bonus. A one-time payment of $98 (plus Tax) we will convert your old templates into new ones for you, including all areas (fonts, transparencies, navigation, etc) allowing your website to shine in new colors. If you are interested in such an offer, please send me a personal email which elaborates on everything you want us to do for you and we will examine the website for these options right away. If you are happy with the new templates, we will send an invoice to you a few days later. Naturally, the price includes small improvements or tweaks for the website.

Since we only have limited resources we ask for your patience in case this takes some time. In that case we would have to look for a template which is convertible  and specifically adept it to your site. In this case, we will contact you and discuss the options with you.

OK - enough talk. We wish you lots of fun looking through , using and testing our new items. Just remember: A purchased version allows you to save the current design template , allowing you to switch between templates quickly and easily. Once you are happy with the way you site looks, just remember to SAVE the new design - else everything is lost forever.


Have fun,
Manfred F. Schreyer
page4 Corp.

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